Covid-19 will change the way we work even after the lockdown. We believe that working from home will become the norm, and most companies are not ready for this reality. As much as this reality will have some benefits it will also introduce new challenges for employers. More and more companies will deal with the reality of cyber-attacks. We are already seeing an increased number of cyber-attacks during this period.

Employers will have to ensure that they educate their employees about Cybersecurity and how they must watch out for hackers who use very sophisticated ways to get sensitive information (personal and work) from them.

We at Hosi Technologies provide an easy to use e-learning (CBT) platform which can be accessed by employees to learn about all the latest cybersecurity scams and how to protect themselves and the companies they work for. We have access to a global repository of the latest cybersecurity trends which will be used by our technical team to create relevant customized content.

Our CAT platform provides a wide range of content to raise understanding of the risks of cybersecurity. The content is in the form of

– Infographics
– Podcasts
– Webinars
– Whitepapers
– Screensavers
– Gamification
– Quizzes

This will enable you and your team to create engaging targeted cybersecurity awareness campaigns to your users and customer to ensure resilient and secure remote computing. It can be packaged in different formats and languages depending on your requirements and can be linked to your incentive programmes and motivational devices to measure engagement.

To watch a video of the CAT click here