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Cofense adds an additional layer of protection against phishing by looking for any Indicators of compromise and proactively blocking them.

Cofense PhishMe

We deliver a comprehensive phishing awareness program for your organisation built on a library of 1,000s of pieces of content, including phishing simulations and educational phishing, compliance, and cybersecurity content: videos, infographics, and CBT modules.

Give insight to your organisation on the success of their phishing defense program, thanks to extensive reporting and detailed analytics. Organisations will learn which employees are reporting phishing and which are repeat clickers.

Cofense Reporter

Gives your organisation a simple tool to alert security teams about potential phishing attacks, at a click of a button. This tool will assist employees to easily report threats without a special email address or having to send dangerous attachments, turning your employees into the first line of defence to protect your organisation again cyber treats.

Cofense Triage

This tool will assist your organisation to quickly respond and resolve phishing threats, and enable your security teams to be more efficient by automating the analysis and response to threats.

Cofense Vision

Vision, along with Triage, will assist your security team to respond to phishing threats and quickly quarantine messages across inboxes. It will provide your organisation peace of mind that your phishing defence services will discover and mitigate the threat before it spreads across their network.

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