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Agile Flex

The Focus

No matter how skilled you are in any discipline of Project Management, if you cannot “read” people and communicate clearly you will always struggle as a project manager.

This is even more critical with Agile because the implementation speed leaves less time to build relationships and work on communication.

Agile Flex is Communication and Stakeholder Management – done quickly.



There are two elements to Agile Flex:

  1. The Agile Flex Assessment
  2. The online Coaching


This is a once-off assessment completed by each team member that helps to understand them, with insight into how they communicate and handle stressful situations. This assessment is done before anyone joins a team for a Sprint. The report is sent to the scrum master and the Agile Flex coach.


Before each Sprint there is an online debrief with an Agile Flex coach to develop a Strategy for the Sprint.

Agile Flex Training

This is online training/coaching where the scrum master or project manager is taught the basic skills and tools of Agile Flex. This takes 10 hours.


Costs are available on request.


The most common outcomes are:

  1. Better communication
  2. Increased productivity
  3. A clearer understanding of the strengths of each team member
  4. Improved deadlines

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